Beauty from Ashes:

Becoming a "Princess" Bride of Christ

Although the target audience appears to be directed toward women, this book will encourage anyone who is looking for the kind of intimacy that every soul craves.  Men also desire that intimate marital relationship that meets every need and Beauty from Ashes will provide insight into such a relationship with God that will meet the deep needs of their heart.

Are you searching for "Mr. Right", "Prince Charming" or some dreamy hunk to fulfill your dreams and live happily ever after?  Did you "once upon a time" find him only to discover the "prince" became a "toad" when you kissed him or married him?  What happened to your "happily ever after"?  Has real life been unkind, disappointing, even breaking your heart, leading to sorrows too great to bear?

No life is beyond repair because GOD promises to turn your mourning into joy and to give you a garland of beauty for ashes.  Allow yourself to be transfored into a true "princess" bride as you journey through an interactive reading and study of GOD'S Word.  Beauty from Ashes involves  readers in self-revelation as they discover their value and significance to Jesus Christ and become intimate with HIM as they embrace HIM as their Beloved One and Groom.