"Mommy, don't go!" was the cry of a child's heart that brought a mother back from hovering between this earthly life and her eternal destiny.  This inspirational story is one woman's account of life threatening injury, suffering, healing and recovery extended through God's grace to see her children into adulthood and to speak forth with boldness about His wonderful salvation-both physically and spiritually.  The events described in Brick by Brick, though tragic and devastating, became the biggest blessing for this mother inspiring her to become a committed servant of God to motivate others to turn to Him for healing and comfort no matter what life brings their way.

Brick by Brick is a memoir of the author's own experience.  Following a difficult divorce Linda was buried under 3,000 pounds of brick and even heard the paramedics say, "We've lost her."  During recovery she discovered she could no longer read with any comprehension.  She earned her Master's Degree in Education Administration as part of her personal journey to rehabilitation.  Brick by Brick chronicles her journey to physical restoration which she could endure only because of the spiritual journey God led her on which is described in her book Beauty from Ashes: Becoming a Princess Bride of Christ.

Brick by Brick