Linda Kay Upton was born in New York City, N.Y. and grew up in the suburbs on Long Island. She has a younger sister, also one of her two best friends.
In 1980, Linda moved to Texas where she attended Southwest Texas State University and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education, specializing in Elementary and Special Education by 1983. Later she married and began a family, staying home with her two young sons. In 1990 she returned to teaching full-time and remains a special education teacher to this day. In 2008, she returned to college following a four year recovery and rehabilitation on the heels of a near fatal accident. In July 2009 she received her Master's Degree in Educational Administration.

Her book, Beauty from Ashes was published in 2009. Linda experienced a devastating relationship failure that resulted in one of the darkest, most terrifying and broken times of her life. Under the stress and fear presented during this period of betrayal and heartache she knew only that she needed to protect her children from the same fear fighting to control her mind and life. She literally threw herself face down on the floor before God with no hope, no solutions, and no direction. God took her on a journey of healing that compelled her to share the joy and hope she discovered in becoming a beautiful Princess Bride belonging to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

On the heels of emotional and spiritual healing, Linda experienced a physical tragedy that nearly took her life. Because she learned to trust the Lord to carry her through other tough circumstances she was able to trust Him to take her from near death to physical wholeness. She describes the journey of physical healing while depending on the Lord in her book, Brick by Brick.